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Video on Vehicle Protection

Modern construction trends are utilizing glass more and more in architectural design. Unfortunately, glass has a major weakness; it breaks! When glass breaks, especially large panes of glass, it can break into long daggers or small bullet-like projectiles. With any forceful impact, these shards can fly almost anywhere, risking injury to those in proximity.

Ace Security Laminates protects your car and yourself from break in, riot situations and crude firebombs. In case of car hijacking, you get plenty of time to escape as the intruders' first instinct is to break your car window glass in order to succeed. With Ace security laminates installed on your car windows, the intruder does not succeed in breaking the window glass even by attacking the car windows with iron rods, rocks, baseball bats, sharp objects and Molotov cocktails. Our Laminates can be easily installed in all cars and models sold in India.

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