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Wheels America- dont send rims there!!

Hello forum members!

If you need to have your bent or scraped up rims to be repaired/refinished. Dont send them to WheelsAmerica

I just received my aftermarket 18" RH 3.6 turbo 3 pieces rims and while it is supposed to take 1 week turnaround, it has been almost 5 weeks.
Fine I had to wait and summer has just arrived here in the Northeast. However, they called me to let me know one of my rear rims could not be reapired " too out of bend" they said, one of the frints were ok and the other front and rear, were straighted and refinished.

Upon inspection of my newly refinished wheels, I noticed the the clear coat was already peeling off the refinished wheels. At a closer inpection, the wheels that were repaired had been taken apart and had been put back together backwards, so as the spoke stuck out more that suppoed to and the rims are no 1/4 inch thicker !!!!!

Then on the last box, my supposedly unrepairable rear wheel, It was a totally differnt wheel, not mine. Looks like mine, but was 2 piece. a deeper lip and differet spokes and differnt offsets. This was supposedly a not repairable wheel, but at the same time NOT MINE!!!!

This AM, first thing I called them and they said sorry about that, send them back and we will refinish and put them back together the right way. I asked about my rear missing wheel and 6 hours later no call so I called and they said, it is somewhere here, but we cant find it yet. Now What? I wnat my wheel, if they cant find my wheels then what will they get me a new one?

Not only did I have to wait almost a month longer than anticipated, but then the lose one wheel, put them together backwards, and the finish is peeling. Now they want to have my wheels again, for what they said 1-2 days, yeah right. I hope they find my reaer or replace becuase then what? i will keep you posted as to what they said, but no I will probably get my wheels back my mid-summer. Obvioulsy not worth it, yes the prioces were cheaper than other, but I would expect more form a large chain like Wheels America

Has anyone have any stories about them? Good or Bad?
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