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So it's been a while. Caught a nasty cold at Thanksgiving that's slowed me down significantly. I thanked the guy in KC for offering to buy my shark, but I felt like I'd be letting $$$ go if I sold it before it ran. Plus I want to see this thru (and I'm starting to like her).

I put the new injectors in (pictured) and then topped it off with the fuel rails (not pictured).

I pulled the plugs and put a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil into each cylinder. Figured it would be wise to let them soak in it for a while before I start her.

I have a table full of fuel related parts.

Then I started removing 30 yr old fuel hoses in the engine compartment. Several are on the back side of the engine.

Here are the new replacements.

The plastic is where the MAF should be. Easier to work on the hoses with it off.

Then I turned my attn to the the gas tank. I got the cover off the fuel pump and filter and drained the gas. Didn't look too bad (the fuel in the injectors didn't look bad either).

It didn't smell bad so I tossed it in my lawn mower and mulched the leaves in my yard.

At the moment, I'm stymied by a stuck bolt. It's by the nozzle and holds the nozzle in place. I've sprayed it with aerokroil but I've run out of it and can't find any locally. Been using a WD40 penetrating oil as an alternative. The bolt has the hex insert and unfortunately it's a bit rounded (maybe due to being stuck).

I took a big chance by taking a dremel and cut a slot into the bolt.

I placed a rag into the fuel nozzle and put a wet rag over the area. There were a few sparks when I cut it. I had a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher close by. And I put my driving helmet on for fire protection. Luckily no explosions. However, the bolt is still stuck. I've been spraying it for several days. And I have one of those impact tools that has a screwdriver bit in it and when you strike it with a hammer, it twists counter-clockwise. But to no avail. The screwdriver bit is smaller than the slot so it's not getting max force with a strike. May have to think of a Plan B or C. Heat is not an option.

That's my update. If I can get that bolt off and the tank out, I can insert the new strainer, filter, and hoses. Then I'll be ready to attempt a start.
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