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I'm in that stage where I'm ordering parts and removing parts. Some of the parts are arriving or will in a few days. I've got the fuel rails removed and just got the fuel injectors pulled out before lunch. Still need to disconnect them. Upon inspection, the rubber O-rings looked good - nice and plump and supple. However, I ordered new injectors and they will be going in. Rubber fuel hoses are coming. I need to verify, but I tried to siphon the gas out of the tank, but none came out. When I pulled the hose out, it wasn't wet. So maybe the tank is empty. The fuel in the rail looked fairly new.

The seat buttons for fwd / back motion arrived. When I run out of fuel system work, I'll remove the pass seat, which still has enough knob to move the seat fwd / back. Will then see what the underside of the seat looks like so I can plan an attack on the driver's seat. It doesn't have enough knob left to go fwd / back. I read an option might be to lift the seat high enough with the 2nd knob to get a wrench on the seat bolts.

I am running into issues with the key & rear lock. The only key that works in the ignition doesn't have a cap on the end of it. I've gone to 2 locksmiths. One said they couldn't cut a key because they couldn't get the blank. The 2nd thought the key I had was a valet key and wasn't sure they could cut one (they did have a blank for it). He thought he could get the trunk tumbler to work, but he suggested going to Porsche and have a key cut based on VIN. Will see where I go on this...

I found out the color is Granite Green Metallic (Felsengrun). My understanding is that color was only avail in 87 & 88 and is fairly rare. When I open the garage door and let some sun into the garage, you can see it's green. I need another green car.

I also had rennlist decode my VIN. Not a lot of options other than audio stuff, but it looks like the story about it being a CA car isn't true. Maybe it started life outside of CA but spent some time there. Who knows? It's still rust free, regardless.

C02- 49 state US model
M28.42- engine serial # range 81J 05001>10000
A28.12- transmission serial # range 16 H 00001>05000

I158 - Blaupunkt radio Reno SQR46 - 87-88
I302 - Type designated on rear end
M418- Protective side mouldings
M490- Hi-Fi sound system (8 speakers, 1987-88)
M494- 87-88 Additional amp Blaupunkt BQA 80
M650- Sunroof

I posted a question on pelicanparts. Someone from KC saw my post and wants to buy my shark as a project. Have to get back to him with my decision (sell now or when it runs). I don't normally become too attached to my Wheeler Dealer cars, but the more I read about 928s, the more this one pulls at me.
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