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Fabspeed Headers / Exhaust / Tune and the case of the missing emissions monitors?

Hi all,

I pretty recently purchased a 01 986 s. When I looked at the car I could tell the exhaust sounded aftermarket, I asked the owner about it and he said yes, the owner before him had it done and also had it "chipped". I asked if there was a programming tool or any information that I might be able to use to determine where the tune came from but he said he did not know what became of the programming tool that came with the tune. When we were talking about the exhaust he just said that it was "high quality" but did not seem to know much about it.

After purchasing the car I did more research, I have made what i think is a fair assumption at this point that the car was chipped with a fabspeed tune since it turned out that the exhaust is the Fabspeed Boxster Sport headers and Maxflow mufflers. I am guessing the previous-previous owner purchased this: Overall I am thrilled, I think the sound is incredible and the quality looks really high. Very impressed.

Now to the confusion: When I attach a scan tool the car shows less emissions monitors than I am used to seeing. There are only a total of 5 (all green). The tools I have all show it as passing the test, there are just less of them. I my attempts to research the oddity, all I get are hits for "Not ready" monitors, which is not my issue, all the ones I have, are ready and green.

I have 2 scantools, a general purpose innova 3100j+ and a Foxwell with the porsche software. Both show the same thing. The foxwell shows me the following screen in summary:

And then when i open the detail I see the following as OK:
Misfire Monitoring: Ok
Comprehenseve Component Monitoring: Ok
Evaporative System Monitoring: Ok
Secondary air System Monitoring: Ok
Oxygen sensor Monitoring: Ok

And these are all N/A
EGR system monitoring: N/A
Oxygen sensor heater monitoring: N/A
Heated Catalyst Monitoring: N/A
Catalyst Monitoring: N/A
Fuel System Monitoring: N/A

The innova just have a green light to indicate it has no "not ready" monitors or engine light and green icons for the 5 monitors it sees. As a side note when I brought it in for NYS inspection it passed.

Here are my questions:

Is this normal for a car with aftermarket headers / cats? Does anyone out there with knowledge of or possessing a Fabspeed tune / exhaust such as the one on my car, know if this is "normal"? I am pretty sure a 2001 car had more than 5 monitors, but I am not 100% of anything. My 2019 Pilot shows 8 green on the innova. Is possible the monitors were removed as part of the tune? If so what should I be looking out for in the future when it comes to passing emissions? I noticed that many of the ones turned N/A have to do with the Catalyst (but the O2 sensor is still active and green) and my cats do have pre/post O2 sensors hooked up.

Is this a function that can be preformed on a Durametric or other such software? (turning off monitors) It is possible the car's previous - previous owner turned them off that way? Because they were not applicable / did not work anymore?

I am trying to educate myself a bit first before I reach out directly to Fabspeed. I am interested in seeing if they have a record of the car and if it is possible to purchase the programming tool from them. I have been researching the IDP intake and was thinking it might be best to have the tune checked / adjusted if I do that anyway.
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