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Originally Posted by husker boxster View Post
It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and 5 seconds to tear it down.
Ain't THAT the truth.

I'm not saying that I knew these kids. Nor that I don't think what they were doing was stupid. Certainly it was.

But here's what I try to remember when I see this sort of thing: I'm only one bad decision away from that being me. Same with my kids. As someone else mentioned here; we all survived some real stupidity in our youth. Some of it I probably SHOULDN'T have survived, but through the grace of God..... and there it is. Through the Grace of God I've avoided being the brunt of this same ill-thought-out humor and poorly-chosen words of judgement. How would any of YOU like to be judged, labeled, or otherwise defined by the single-worst thing you've ever done?

I expect more than that from myself. And I HOPE for more than that from those I interact with.

None of y'all are cold and heartless people (I assume), and so I expect that this is more about these young men being faceless to you. If these were your nephews, or your sons best friends, I suspect you'd be feeling it a little more closely.

As the resident Mormon of the group (haha) I'd challenge each of us to try to find empathy for all mankind..... not merely those who seem to never do anything wrong.

Now who's saying the closing prayer?
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