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I've stayed away from commenting on this tragic event, but I'll have to throw my 2 cents in. First of all, the loss of ANY young life is sad and nothing to joke about.

I don't know if these kids were bright, volunteers, church-goes or school students. What I do know is that it took more than a few seconds of poor judgement to get the car to a speed where it could be launched to the second floor. If 0-60 is about 5 seconds, imagine how long it would take to get to that speed. I suspect it wasn't the first time they drove like that. No one just goes out and does over 100 MPH on a secondary road on their first drive. And yes, they could have killed innocent bystanders. It's not my position to judge and I have no knowledge of whether these good young men were victims of a culture of privilege who've never had to suffer any consequences for their actions. (Until the accident, unfortunately)

As I said earlier, ANY loss of a young live is a tragedy. So we should show some empathy, and let's also show empathy for the kids that have sent back to the place they fled only to die at the hands of gangs or terrorists. I hope we show the same empathy when a child with a toy gun gets shot by a cop who couldn't possibly have assessed the situation before pulling the trigger because video shows the kid getting shot down within a fraction of a second of the cop car pulling up to the scene. Or the same empathy when a young school lunch worker gets shot after telling the cop that he has a permit to carry a firearm. Or all the children that got killed by indiscriminate bombings after the Stable Genius, after a phone call that no one knows what was promised, decided to relocate our troops from defending our Kurdish allies to protecting oil rigs. And, of course, those who have died due to some reckless driver. I could go on....

My point is this: There are lots and lots of kids who have died and continue to die because of no fault or no action of their own. I'd like to see empathy for them, too.

P.S. As I finish writing this, I see on the news about another school shooting in Santa Clarita, CA.....

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