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Originally Posted by JimmyBad View Post
When I said emission testing (no smog) I meant to test emission using only the plug in obd2 method for results, and smog testing is to also test emission by inserting the sniffer probe into the exhaust system.

In my county we do not do sniff testing (will result into a fail with no cats), but we only test emission using the obd2 plug in method (only checks if enabled monitors are “ready”). Inspectors here are also supposed to do a visual test but many are not well educated and can’t tell the difference between a cat, resonator and muffler (especially in quick lube stores) so most of them skip the the visual test.
Ok. I was hopeful that's what you were saying.
I'm ready to give it a try, I think.

Next question:
Is this just a simple flash? I have a flash tool that came with the tune I bought from VRTuning. I can swap back and forth easily between the factory tune and the custom tune.
If I can find the ROW tune file, is it that easy? Or must it be programmed to my car / VIN or something?

Or is it deeper than that?

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