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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
The factory ROW tune somehow passes domestic emissions testing, even though it's not monitoring cats?
I have an aftermarket tune I run most of the year, which doesn't monitor cats, and so at i.m. testing, it comes back "not ready".

Waddya know?

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I was a state inspector here in Texas and we had to do an emissions test in the city I'm in (no smog). With the factory ROW tune the ECU does not monitor the cats so it will show "N/A" during testing when plugged in, as only the monitors that are enabled by the tune will show "ready" or "not ready". Some cars have more monitors enabled than others for some reason (some cars don't have an SAI system here in the US for example). So, all of my enabled monitors with the factory ROW tune were "ready" during testing with no cats. However, it will obviously not pass a smog test.

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