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Catless wonder?

Hey y'all.
I've got a question about cats. My car is an '03 S, so, typical 4 cats.

I did away with the mid-pipe cats some time ago, and, of course, no problem-o.

Now I've purchased a set of headers. Installing them will leave me catless. This poses a problem when it's time for annual emissions testing.

Here's my question: the headers have a bung for an o2 sensor near the collector. Because it's easier to swap mid- pipes than it is the header, is it possible that I could put the first o2 sensor in the header, and then the 2nd sensor after the cat in the mid-pipe?

Do any of y'all have any experience this way?

Oh, and, if ya wanna debate the morality of increased emissions from my catless car, please start a new thread to do so. This car is 80% track-only.... but it still has to drive there. Plus: if I lived 7 miles west of here, I'd be in a county with no emissions testing.... seems a bit arbitrary, yeah?

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