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Originally Posted by piper6909 View Post
Is it a belt, not a chain?
It's a belt.

Originally Posted by piper6909 View Post
I'd change the timing belt first! I don't know if it's an interference engine or not, but if it has been sitting for so long, I wouldn't risk it breaking while trying to get the engine running.
Point taken. But it's a massive job changing the belt with all the crap you have to remove before getting to it. At this point I don't even know if the engine actually runs. If I get it running, I won't be doing a bunch of driving - prob just moving it around. I know it could break at any time, regardless of how it's being driven. Will probably lean towards replacing it myself if the engine does run. But going to the effort to change it before knowing if it runs could be a lot of wasted work. Like Tom Cruise says, "Sometimes you've gotta say WTF".
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