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Originally Posted by tommy583 View Post
Haha yes that would have been a great thread. I was just throwing a few ideas out there before I started tearing into it. The weather up here has turned from fall to winter in one day, so i'm really not in a hurry. I wish I could tear the tranny out in my garage, but it is way to small for that kind of work. So you will have to wait until spring so I can do it in the driveway. I'm sure my wife and neighbors would love that. Redneck style
But on a serious note thanks for the suggestions. Even though the battery is old as dirt since I've never had a problem with it, I didn't even consider it to be the problem.

So i'll start by taking the battery out and having it tested. If it's bad i'll get a new one. In the spring I'll put in the new ignition switch and rebuild the starter. Then for the hell of it I'll take the tranny off. I'm pretty sure my RMS is leaking anyway.
At least you have a garage! I'm in a 3-car carport... and own the middle space. Today will find me pushing my car 10 feet into the driveway so I'll have enough room to reinstall my rebuilt alternator... but not before the temp hits at least 65.

I imagine you've a narrow garage? Sure makes me miss my old 3-car garage.

Best wishes with the ignition switch... and starter. The RMS? Awesome.

Do you have any garages local to you that rent out garage space to work in? Something like this:

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