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Originally Posted by blue62 View Post
Always start with the simplest things first and work step by step in a logical progression up the diagnostic ladder.
It could be a bad battery.
You don't know if the battery is good if you don't load test it.
It could be a bad connection at the battery.
It could be a bad connection anywhere from the battery to the starter.
It could be a bad starter
it could be lots of things causing the problem.

You need to use good diagnostic practices and testing to find the root cause of the problem. Or you usually chase your tail and spend lots of money changing out parts that are perfectly good.
Dude, don't be so discouraging. I want to read all about the new starter install and transmission removal. But NOOOOOOOOOO. You have to go and ruin what could have been an entirely awesome winter thread read. Sheeeesh.

Yes, sometimes I'm inspired before 6A.
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