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Originally Posted by tommy583 View Post
I washed and dried the car last week and drove it into the garage. Went to start it up the other morning and it wouldn't start. It kinda sounds like it is turning over. I didn't notice the RPM gauge moving, so I guess that could point me towards the CPS.

The battery should be good, the light on the tender is green as usual. The ignition switch could use to be replaced, but it seems to turn smoothly. My starter has been doing a squeal every once in a while when it is cold outside. I'm just hoping the stater sticking didn't ruin the flywheel.

It's about time to put the car away for the winter, so I'm not in a huge hurry to fix it. But I would like to be able to start it to warm up the oil and change the oil before it sleeps for the winter.

Since it needs a new or fixed starter I think I can replace that and see how it goes. Of course if its missing any teeth or anything I'll have to dig into the tranny deeper before trying to start it again.

Any suggestions from you guys?
Always start with the simplest things first and work step by step in a logical progression up the diagnostic ladder.
It could be a bad battery.
You don't know if the battery is good if you don't load test it.
It could be a bad connection at the battery.
It could be a bad connection anywhere from the battery to the starter.
It could be a bad starter
it could be lots of things causing the problem.

You need to use good diagnostic practices and testing to find the root cause of the problem. Or you usually chase your tail and spend lots of money changing out parts that are perfectly good.
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