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Originally Posted by Anker View Post
It can also be the track that the clamshell runs in when going up and down. Try lubricating it with some lithium grease. There is one on each side, so I should have written tracks.
I GOT IT! I was able to get his price from $7000 to $5000, so I picked it up yesterday and registered it. I feel a lot better about the decision at that price. And Anker, you were correct, some grease in the tracks and the groan went away. I'm seeing a lot of little issues throughout, but so far nothing that cant be fixed.

I need the tie rods and alignment done, which will be a shop job for now. It also needs an oil change and tune up. I'm going to have to push the tune up off until I can get the parts and do it myself.

I will post some pictures later, mobile site doesn't allow photo posting.
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