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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Honestly, in great condition with clear title, that car's worth $9000.
In great condition with rebuilt title, it's worth $5500.
Condition as described? $4000. But he'll never let it go for that. He'll wait until someone comes along that doesn't do as much homework as you have, and he'll settle for $5200.

The question in my mind is this: it sounds like you've set yourself a goal of sorts, with a timeline. What's that worth to ya? $1200? It would be to me.... All. Day. Long.
I'd pay him $5200, knowing I'm paying $1200 more than I should, because the goal meant something more than 'have I found the right car yet', Y'know?

Eyes wide open. You're not getting screwed if you make the decision knowing all the facts.

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Guys I really appreciate the advice! The local shop I use did a check on it and gave me the information for the tie rods. They said the closer to $5000 I can get it the better.

The car had new tires and an alignment at 69k on the odometer, and now has a bent tie rod and play at 80k miles. They think the current owner drove over something significant which caused the rear axle to break and the front tie rod issue. The owner has not indicated that.

I haggled him down to $6000 today, and I agree with M thataytag that the $1000 to complete the goal is worth it. Now just have to complete the purchase.

Oh yes, and it dies have Carrera wheels, which makes me emotional just thinking about.

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