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I started taking excess weight off the car. When I drove it this evening it felt a lot quicker and lighter, but it's probably my imagination. I weighed some stuff as I took it off:

Clamshell: 16 lbs
Convertible top: 37 lbs
Seats: 46 lbs each
Misc interior (rear shelf, center console, misc plastics, rear carpets, stereo...): 37 lbs
Doors: 75 lbs ea (added in Stripped out door with window 57 lbs) net loss: 18 lbs ea
Spoiler mechanism: 7 lbs
Convertible Top motor & transmissions: 10 lbs
Rear Bumper: 12 lbs
Bumperettes: 1 lb ea

There's still plenty more to go. I had thought of cutting back the dashboard, but after pulling it out of my parts car it really didn't have much weight. The weight there comes from the HVAC system and bracing behind the dash. The bracing is good for safety and stiffening the chassis. The AC in this car is working great and still very useful, so for now, it's staying. For the Challenge, I may just put on an AC delete belt to bypass the compressor.

For now, I have a hardtop on it to keep the weather out. I may build a hardtop shell for the Challenge. There's a lot of drag with the top completely removed.

Porsche boxster 986-topless - Turbulence Energy by GT Collection, on Flickr

Swapping doors:

My total cash found in the car was $9.30:

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