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Originally Posted by Fiddlebog View Post
Is this thread about detailing a car, or dental hygiene??

On-topic though: I've considered taking my badge off to repaint it, but have wondered about an adhesive for putting it back on. I found a 3M product "3M 08061 Plastic and Emblem Adhesive Tube" and have been considering trying that.
Both! If your car is beautifully detailed ain't nobody gonna wanna talk w ya about if you have stinky breath

As for your badge... stick w/ the 3M adhesive foam tape. Not gonna lie, it will be a little arduous prepping using an exacto knife cutting the foam tape out for each letter. However, when applying you only have to then worry about correct placement for centering and not crooked. Not placement and about squeezing out too much adhesive making it look like a kindergarten macaroni art project. Don't get me wrong, the 3M goop is great stuff but it's meant for larger plaque emblems or panel applications and not fine details like 'die-cut' badges.

Alternatively, you can also buy a new one pretty inexpensively w/ foam adhesive already attached. (HINT: if you want in any color other than silver, just buy silver and spray paint yourself - OFF car of course )

Silver - $24.95 Free S Upgrade Included LOL! - fleabay

Titanium - $29.99 fleabay

Black - $55 fleabay
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