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Thanks for the interest everyone. Sorry I've been up in Alaska hanging out with my Dad for the last few weeks. Trying to get away from the constant 100+ days we've been getting down here in Texas. On that note about Texas heat. My rallycross boxster does not like when it gets over 90. It can't handle two people racing it at the same event. The last two events it overheated after just a few runs. It might be able to handle just one person racing with it's current cooling system, but not two. At the last event in June my partner and I got in two runs each. On my second run(4th total), it was hovering at 190 at the starting line. By the time I crossed the finish line 1 minute later it had jumped all the way up to being pegged. We let it run for a few minutes and it barely cooled down. The whole system had become heat soaked and wasn't showing any signs of cooling down. We packed it up and went home. I had thought maybe the water pump had gone out but after closer inspection, the pump was in great shape and had recently been replaced. So I've been thinking on how I can rectify this problem. If you look at the whole cooling system, it's not that great. It has puny little base coolant tubes going to only one radiator and a mechanically driven water pump. Address any one of those problems, and it will probably fix the overheating problem on very hot days. I've decided to start with the water pump. I like the idea of using an electric water pump. It gives me the ability to regulate the water flowing through the motor with the engine running or not. I think with the EWP I can come into the pits, shut the motor off but continue to circulate coolant through the system with the electric fans still blowing over the radiator. I'm hoping the few minutes between runs should be enough time to cool everything down. Some other reasons I like the EWP is that it will free up some horsepower and I don't have to worry anymore about little pieces of water pump clogging up a water passage inside the motor.

In preparation of using a EWP, I took a low mile water pump and drimmeled off the propeller. I also removed the thermostat as I'll be controlling the flow of coolant with the EWP. I ordered a Craig Davies water pump. They sell a little LCD control unit too, but I'm to cheap to buy one of those. I plan on using a simple ON/Off toggle switch for now. The EWP was only $200

Jon, That rally Boxster is nice! The 2.7turbo motor is inspiration for my street boxster
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