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I finally got around to cleaning all the goo off the two knobs of my CDR 23 radio with denatured alcohol. The power/volume button wasn't too bad since I use it more often, but they both needed it. Now they are clean and look great!

I also installed the Track Addict app on my iPhone, bought a 10 ft iPhone lightning cable, a Veepeak OBD II BLE Scanner and some additional RAM Mount hardware. I can now mount my iPhone on my Brey-Krause rollbar extension and take videos at HPDE's. I made a test video driving around my neighborhood and it came out pretty good. The Veepeak was easy to link to the iPhone and to Track Addict. Track Addict intuits what gear you are in for the display and it has options to adjust it up and down, I'm still tweaking that to see what works best. Using the camera on the front of the iPhone the vibration from the motion stability is eliminated. It's not high tech but for less than $100 for everything I can make some simple track videos and I'm happy. I went with Track Addict rather than Harry's Lap Timer as it was cheaper and from my research it seemed Track Addict was easier to use the GPS outside of racetracks, so I can use it at autocrosses if I do any of those.

The Veepeak also works as an OBD scanner and can supposedly clear codes with an OBD scanner app that I installed on my phone. I;ll leave the code investigation and clearing to my shop though!
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