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Originally Posted by JavPit View Post
So just a word of caution with these Ebay door latches. I just replaced my drivers side door to fix the window drop issue and, while it fixed the window drop, it made a whole lot of other things go crazy. My passenger door would not unlock, the alarm chirped at any turn of the key in the door lock, and when I tried to put the windows down using the door lock they went up! I put the original back in and everything worked properly again except of course the window problem.

I used a VW part 3D1837015AB as suggested.
Wow... I hardly ever lock my doors or use the window-down function with the key, so I never thought to thoroughly check that. Sorry for your trouble.

I have a 'new' car to fix now, so I will be doing this repair again soon. I'll detail it further when I get to it, but here's the basics:
The latches that I have seen failed were worn out where the microswitch contacts the mechanical door latch - The switch was still good, but the latch didn't push it enough.
I'm going to take the mechanical portion of a new, cheap VW latch and swap it onto the old Porsche part.
Just two screws and a little gentle prying.

Generally, all the moving parts of the cheap ones can be swapped over to the old ones as needed. On the particular one I have on my desk, the mounting holes for the microswitch are spaced slightly different, but can be 'adjusted' or forced. I'll probably just solder the new switch on.
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