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Originally Posted by JayG View Post
Great idea!

Only problem I see is finding a drill that will go to 6k rpm.
A dremel will, but probubly doesnt have the power to spin the WP
Might need to rig up a motor and pullys to get to that rpm
Because it is belt driven and runs on different size pulleys I don't think the OEM WP runs anywhere near 6k rpm. With a little math and knowing the pulley diameters you could calculate the equivalent WP RPM at 6K RPM motor crankshaft speed. A pulley rig could also be used to gear your drill to the necessary speeds.

Without doing any of this you could probably just use a 12VDC external pump designed for V8 engines and get close enough... maybe 20-40gpm. I like this idea a lot. With a 12V WP and a 12V PS pump you would remove a lot of parasitic drag from the motor and get better steering, better cooling, and higher reliability. Probably 15-20 HP at higher RPM.
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