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I've owned VW diesels (loved them) and I was always obsessive-compulsive about making sure I'm using Diesel when I'm at the pump. I'd check 3 times before squeezing the nozzle. Never had a problem. About 6 months ago, I bought my son (college student) a VW Jetta Diesel and made 100% sure that he 100% understood that you CAN'T make a mistake with this. He hasn't.

What Qckslvr said is absolutely correct. DON'T start the engine, have it towed, have the fuel tank drained and flushed. If you start the engine and then realize it, turn it off IMMEDIATELY. If you run it, even for a short time, you'll destroy your fuel system, and eventually your entire engine. It won't take long.

Given all this, it makes me wonder why any rental company would rent diesels.

And btw, +1 on what rfuerst911sc said.
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