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help with a diesel question

somehow got distracted by a beautiful lady on the next pump and put on the tank of a rental VW transporter (diesel..) 19 liters of 95 octane gasoline..
Of course it was not on purpose and stopped the pump immediately as soon as I realized my mistake, then I added another 22 liters of diesel fuel.

To my defense, the gasoline nozzles were green color (same color as the ones on the USA) and the diesel nozzles were black, this happen this afternoon right before returning the van at the Copenhagen airport.

I drove the car back to the rental place driving it very smooth (no load on the engine), and now I am concerned what would be damaged by putting gasoline on a diesel engine..

Just read that the fuel tank capacity is around 75 litters, therefore I may have added about 20% of gasoline, and somehow I am pretty concerned what would happen to the poor VW, hopefully someone here knows what kind of damage I could have caused to this vehicle.

Thank you for your comments
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