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Any suspension experts able to help with a question about coilover setup?

As mentioned, Im looking for some guidance for coilover setup on a 2001 2.7.

I found a set of JIC Cross coilovers on CL that I just finished installing along with a number of suspension components to freshen everything up. These have 300lb springs on the front and 450 (I believe. The markings are worn off) on the rear as well as 2 helper springs. I set preload properly based on everything Ive read. Im at max ride height based on the threaded shock bodies and still lower than I want the car to be sitting. Approx 100mm in the front and 110mm in the rear. Id like to get about 20mm up but am out of threaded adjustment. Can I use longer coils, and remove the helper springs, which compress fully anyway, in order to restore the shock length and then use the adjustment in the body to set ride height?
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