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As I want to install new door covers, I have to do some other upgrades additionally:
- door speaker & light Installation
- I did not get those back then - that means: The car has no preps for that...lucky me.

precautions: completely unhook the battery (always ground first and then plus---other way round, when hooking it back on) and wait at least an hour ("air bags")

1.) find the cables, which operate the door Lights, hook & install new cables and run them to the doors: Dome light (that means:
take off all A-pillar covers & de-install the sun blades, de-install the black dome light cover) That is why I got mine covered in Alcantara, while they were off.

2.) install new Speaker pins into the Radio speaker connector and run new cables to the doors: Easy...get new Pins with cables attached to them,
pull that yellow protector from the speaker connector cover, put the Pins (with cables) in the proper slots.
3.) to make it not too easy for me, I want a 16,5cm speakers upgrade...that means...use the Dremel and cut out the former door HAES speakers

4.) create new holders to attach them to the plastic door speakers housing (btw...this will be the last step of this mod)
5.) cut and prepare the inner door foam (detaching it on certain spots, no need to pull them completly off)

6.) get u-Clips and install the MY2001 plastic speaker housing (4 touch points each)

7.) run the cables for the light and speakers on top of the foam and finally to the door hinge

8.) prepare the rubber protection, to run the cables through them
9.) create a small passage within the cable connector

10.) connect all cables
11.) door covers Installation
12.) battery back on, done

That is the
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