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Originally Posted by jsceash View Post
IPD makes an excellent product that is performance tested. They have done several things which improve air drag internally that the other options do not have. Dimpling the interior, smoother radius's, rear air divider with holes to eliminate opposing side flow oscillation turbulents. I'm not saying any of the other option will not give a noted result. More air in produces more power out. The IPD maximizes all the know problems Boundary air, Oscillation, and radius transitions. The others may improve 2 of the 3 but no other addresses all 3.

Coupled with a good flowing exhaust (full NHP) and remap I was able to keep up with 3.2 Boxster's on track while I was still running my 2.7 2003 motor.

Look at my user image. That is a 2003 Boxster passing a New Cayman GT4 coming off the back straight at VIR, and it is not a one off event I have multiple video's of the same type pass.
The IPD Plenum is a nice piece, but it's not worth $800. Maybe if you're racing for money it might pay itself off in 5 years, but those people have already spent thousands of dollars upgrading from a stock engine. The 997 Plenum works great and is worth every penny you pay for it. Just can't say that for the IPD Plenum for normal people on a stock engine.
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