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986 stalls at start up

Hi Forum.

Lately my 97 2.5 Boxster has changed behaviour.

when starting it from cold I have always been able to just turn the key , without touching there Gas pedal and it would start and settle on 1000RPM immediately

now it also starts , but it is going to 800RPM down to 500RPM for a few seconds . sometimes it comes up to 1000 RPM again and settle but other times it stops?
If I apply som throttle and keep it 0ver 1000RPM it settles on 1000 RPM immediately.

I have changed the MAF ( it had cutouts during driving) and it helped a lot on the driving
Plugs are new, air filter is new ,- no error codes.
It drives perfectly and also idles fine at 800 RPM when warm ( it feels like there is a little changes in RPM under idle , it fluctuates around 800 ( nothing I can see on the Tacho,- just a feeling)

When the engine has been started and been running fore a minute or so , it starts fine without me touching the gas.

Any ideas on where to start

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