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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
First thing I would do is ignore what they've told you about the car. Do your own diagnostics.
IE: how do you know the cam has jumped? CHECK IT. easy enough to check your cam timing on this motor. Anker already pointed you in the right direction.

Be sure you're chasing the right problem, is all I'm saying.

Remember that it's quite possible that somebody already dumped the oil & changed the filter, so don't assume there either.

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Absolutely 100% agree. I didnít get a lot of information. Just that it died while the daughter was driving (no specifics) and that the Porsche dealership diagnosed that the bank 1 timing was off. I received the report.

I locked the engine at TDC with the ďspecial locking toolĒ and used my borescope to to take a couple of pictures. It would appear that Bank 1 is indeed off, a little. I didnít have enough room to get the locking tool installed, it you can clearly see the exhaust cam is rotated counter clockwise a little bit, just before being completely vertical.

For some reason I canít attach pictures via my IPad or IPhone. Iíll try later with my PC.
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