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Exactly what is the light doing? Steady on, blinking slow, blinking fast?
Read this:

Originally Posted by JFP in PA View Post
Four functions of the coolant warning light:

1. Engine coolant level too low
light flashes slowly (0.5 Hz)
2. Engine compartment temperature too high
light flashes slowly (0.5 Hz) (engine compartment blower might be faulty)
3. Engine coolant temperature too high
light is lit; pointer on the right
4. Temperature sensor at water outlet faulty
light flashes rapidly (1 Hz); pointer on the right

The temperature warning in point three is indicated if the conditions "engine coolant temperature too high" and "engine coolant level too low" are present simultaneously
(1Hz = 1 flash per second. 0.5Hz = 2 seconds per flash)
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