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Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
I'm always picking brains, and thought you might know something I didn't. I'll include a smiley or wink when jesting... thus the crayon reference, lol.

So... I've no jab about "slim pickings".

Have a great day!!!

BTW, I'm in the same situation. I have Tiptronic and no way of knowing if the IMS was done.

The cost of doing the IMS is about 1/3 of a junkyard motor. And that's just parts. I have no idea what labor would be if I got in over my head and couldn't do it myself. Not much of an insurance benefit, in my opinion, since the failure rate is about 10%.

If I had a manual tranny, I'd probably plan to do it when the clutch was due.

So, I'll just drive and enjoy the car and if it fails I'll worry about it then.

Also, I'll examine the oil filter for debris when I change the oil.

Best wishes.

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