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Sorry I've been distracted these last few months. The rallycross boxster gets more impressive with every event. We added 17x8.5 with 265 tires in the front on the last event and came away with the number 1 in our class and .10 a second behind the fastest car there (WRX STI). That was with my partner driving. I came in fifth in class. That was behind my partner in first, a professional race car driver who has won at pikes peak in second, third and forth were two guys who race a lot. I'm not sure I'll ever be faster than my partner or the professional, but the other two are in my sights. The next day I took it to another track and got first overall. Needless to say the competition wasn't as strong at that track.

This weekend was suppose to be the next event for both tracks. In preparation for this weekend's race, I've been busy prepping it. There were three major items I wanted to address before this weekend. First was the need to get the motor to rev faster. Sometimes you come off a corner and you're down to 2000 rpm. You have a straight stretch in front of you and it's only 100ft long. I'm sure it's in my head, but it seems like eternity for the motor to reach 4000 or higher. I want power and I want it now!! The boxster is great all over the track but it kills most cars in the straights. I want to slaughter them! The best way to get this motor to rev quick is with a lightweight flywheel. It just so happens that I bought one for my 3.4 boxster. And it just so happens that I'm thinking about converting my 3.4 boxster to an Audi 2.7 turbo motor. So I have this $750 flywheel just sitting there not being used. It seems like the logical thing to do. I can't let the flywheel just sit there. Needless to say the rally boxster will rev up quicker now.

While I was at it I added a clutch disk and pressure plate out of a 3.2. The 3.2 and 3.4 have a narrower disk that help it bite better. I don't recommend doing this upgrade on a 5 speed as the shock can put unneeded stress on the gears. I'm racing in the dirt so my tires will spin. Unlike asphalt or concrete where the tires will grip and that shock goes directly to the gears.
The second thing on my list was a cage. I got the cage from a friend who had in a track toy. He ended up turning the car into a parts car but had left the cage in the car. His wife was sick of looking at it so we struck up a deal. I traded a 6 speed transmission, one axle and one rear upright for what was left of the car. He also threw in two custom axles that are for putting a cayman 6 speed into a 986 boxster.

The rear bumper my partner built was really getting to me. The more I saw it the more I disliked it. Luckily I also got another boxster in and was able to use that bumper. After installing the bumper I threw another quick paint job on the whole car.
After all this prep this week, turns out they cancelled the race for saturday as the track is half water from all the rain we keep getting. My fingers are still crossed that the track for Sunday's race dries out by then
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