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Racer boy is on the money here. I installed the AASCO unit. It's GREAT!
I don't find it difficult on the street. However:
The down side is that you lose the damping effect of the dual mass, which has absolutely nothing to do with balancing the motor, and everything to do with absorbing gear noise in thr trans. When my trans is warm, the gears clack just a little.

Many will tell you the flywheel is part of the balanced, rotating mass in the motor: it is not. The rotating assembly is balanced inherently. Some have postulated that at some rpm ranges a harmonic is developed that the dual mass helps to attenuate. This MAY be true. But in all my months of scouring the net looking for actual experience, everything I found was positive. I found one (ONE) confirmed case of a motor failure attributed to a lightweight flywheel. However, this motor also had countless other modifications done to it, and in mind mind, attributing it to the flywheel was his effort at CYA to his customer.
However, I found COUNTLESS other positive experiences with the lightweight flywheel.
And I found lots of people who pretend to know things, because they read something somewhere.

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