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Originally Posted by jsceash View Post
The S2000 has a couple things you don't. It cranks to about 8200 RPM, and a 6 speed transmission. I agree that your best option is reduce weight. The rule would ban you from the type of mods that are being suggested here or at the very least cause you to be flipped into a higher class. The Power steering mod with electric PS pump is a good power saver. Then If you haven't done it yet remove the AC compressor, plumbing, and coils at the radiators. A second thing the AC delete does, it allows you to turn on the AC which automatically cycles on the radiator coolers but with the compressor out there is no power loss.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I didnít think of the powering steering pump. As far as the tune, who can do this? I canít find any information anywhere on it bring available.
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