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If I were looking for a few more hp here is what I would try. Take this with a grain of salt as I have not done any of these or have proof that they would make more power on a m96 2.5 engine.

Intake: 987 air box and larger smoother intake tube as a minimum or (again a little different but could be easily tested) make a straight and short intake that passes into the trunk to a larger cone filter. Vent the trunk for ample fresh air.
Get a 996 cable throttle body or have the stock one bored out, I believe a 987 intake t will fit or do what ben006 did and 3D print one that has a larger and smoother radius.

Engine: Could you live with out power steering? Spinning that pump at 5k would be worth a couple of hp.
Do some at home port and polish on the heads if your comfortable with that much work. (David Vizard has a good book on the subject)

Exhaust: looks like you have most everything covered. The only gripe I have is with the header selection for the 2.5 engines. It seems to me that most headers are oversized for the smaller engine and a custom header with smaller but longer primaries could be worth some midrange to upper end horsepower.

Tune: all of these would benefit more with a custom tune but that seems to be difficult with the 2.5 engine and finding someone to do it.

Again opinions will differ and Im not saying that all of these will make more power just ideas I had on how to do it. Thank you have a good day
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