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Originally Posted by Akjoe View Post
The snow is gone and Iím ready for another great season of top-down driving! I tackled a couple of projects this past weekend: A spark plug tube replacement to address an oil leak and subsequent terrible smell, and install of a cat-back exhaust system. Tubes were drama free thanks to a ton of great tips and info from this board. I installed circuit werkes secondary cat-bypass pipes and the FVD Brombacher Sound Version muffler. Itís a sweet sounding setup! Itís quiet enough that I donít bug the neighbors leaving before sunrise in the morning, but comes alive over 4K RPM. I love it!

The only headache I ran into was re-installing the rear aluminum skid plate. It was a challenge to get it off, and 90 mins of swearing, banging, pleading, praying, to get it back in. Iím pretty sure one of the mount bolts wound up cross-threaded, but I cranked it down anyway as I was just out of patience.

Did I do something wrong? Is the plate integral to the suspension in some way? Did something move after I removed it? I frankly never want to take that off again...but if I have to, is there something I should tie down or together before removal? It seems like the studs and bolt holes were not where they were when I started. (Perhaps even more insulting is that Iím pretty sure I could have threaded the bypass pipes in and done the exhaust install without removing the plate.)
If you're talking about that traingular alumin piece... and then the bar on each side... I had read that could be a pain. I removed mine a few months ago. I had the car up on all 4's. I reasoned that if I didn't move anything else around, suspension-wise, I should be OK. Did WP, thermo, MM. When I went to reinstall the plate it did TRY to discourage me, but all the stars aligned and I had it plugged in in 5 minutes.

All it takes is a fraction of a fraction of an inch and those plate holes aren't lining up. Luck of the draw.
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