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Originally Posted by Deserion View Post
Have you been able to check the both the low and high side pressures? I apologize if that's redundant as I see you did check, and that's my presumption ( ) that it was with the normal low-side refill gauge.

If the high side is too low it could be a bad expansion valve.
Yes the pressure was only checked on the fill side. I did however tap the larger side valve steam real quick and green stuff shot out faster then I thought it would.

I did get in there and pull the blower out so I could watch the fresh air/recirculate flap. I had to push it shut then hit the recirculate button and it's only moving half way to open for recirculate, hit the button for off and it shuts the flap for fresh air, but if I press the button to open it to recirculate again it would go half way and never go back down when I hit the button for off. So the flap has been stuck in the half way position. I pushed it shut and I'll remember not to hit the recirculate button or run the Durametric A/C test on it until I figure what needs to be replaced to fix that issue.

I think I'll just take it to a shop and have an evap and refill done on the system. I am getting a little bit cooler air now. What do you think?
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