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Garage Sale: Wheels, Exhaust, Headlights


I have for sale parts from a 2001 Boxster S in my garage taking up space.

The headlights look brand new, they have absolutely no signs of usage or dirt at all. They are non-xenon.

Boxster S muffler only with dual round tips

17" Boxster rims (not turbo twists) with Michelin Pilot Sport tires (205/50/17 front and 255/40/17 rear). One tire has wear in the middle because it was over inflated, but all the others have plenty of thread left. I would rate these wheels 8.5/10 with some minor scuff marks and one wheel that has a 1" scratch on one of the spokes. Sorry I don't have the Porsche lingo but they do look like these: Also, they do have the upgraded color Porsche logo caps in perfect shape. Genuine Porsche, not replicas.

Please email me for pics. Also, please make offer for the parts above. I'm very motivated to sell as long as the price offered is reasonable. I will try to post pics on here later this weekend. Thanks.
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