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Originally Posted by KRAM36 View Post
Oh yes the spark can happen faster and with more intensity depending on the what the spark plug is made out of. Have you never watched any videos of different spark plugs sparking? I thought this was pretty common knowledge for gear heads. Go watch some videos on the 4 prong type plugs, they seems to have some latency in their sparking action to them.
How old are you?
Waaaay bank in the old days, when we used to have to tune ignition curves with weights and springs, it was important to monitor your flame front; ie, get it moving faster. We'd also maximize the quench area for this very same reason. This was particularly important when cylinder pressures were very high (boosted) or when RPM's were very high (10k rpm and up). So yes, in those days, knowing your spark plugs really well was vital. But only in those very extreme situations.

With today's adaptable/ learning ECU's controlling spark and fuel, based on actual readings from sensors means that you can pretty much slap any old plug in there and you'll see negligible differences, other than longevity of the plug itself. (Again, until you start taking about the extremes)

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