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Changing Type of Spark Plug Lower Engine Temp?

I've always used Bosch FGR-6-KQE spark plugs. I decided to try some NGK 94279 FR6AHX-S Ruthenium HX plugs because of people always commenting on the Bosch plugs having a prong break off on them, although I have not had that issue, but I thought I would ease my mind on it and go with the NKG plugs.

Plus with the mods done to my car and not knowing if the engine is running lean or rich (she eats a lot of gas though) along with NGK's claims on this plug, I figured why not try them out. I also only run Ethanol-free gas in my car.

NGK Ruthenium HX is designed for newer engines which demand high ignitability. Double Fine Electrode (DFE) design promotes spark energy concentration and ignites a wider range of air-fuel ratios, offering improved performance in rich or lean engine conditions.
With the Bosch plugs my cars temp gauge was always around 185 to 186, even during the winter time. Last week I changed to the NGK plugs. I have gone for many drives since installing them, some pretty spirited and just normal driving and my temp gauge just barley cracks past the 180 mark now.

Is it possible that the type of plug you use can affect the engine temp like this?
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