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Spring Mountain - Audi Club SoCal

Link to a couple laps on the 4 mile Andretti C course layout.

Had a blast with the Audi Club at Friday's open track day. Got to briefly talk to Alex Whitney, CDI. I also got to get some video coaching from celebrity pro racing driver Ashley Freiberg (higher entry speed, go faster!). This was my first time and let me tell you I was happy to do lead/follow with Don (CDI here at PCA AZ). Thanks Don! Lots of coned off areas... and can be confusing. But after a couple sessions, I got the hang of it and started to push it harder. Good track for a mid-engine car and rewards momentum. I think this has to be my favorite Western track now, Chucky being a close second. Nice location, great weather and impressive mountain views with snowy peaks. Looking forward to next time, maybe instructor's school...
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