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Originally Posted by morgal48 View Post
If you've not looked inside one of these you may be surprised. Grill is at the front of the door, speaker is at the back, a tunnel system moves the sound, and its really hard to put anything but a 5-1/4" speaker in the factory mount. Consider buying the door card and using one of the available patterns others have designed for more common speaker sizes, and the possibility of 2 or 3 way door speakers.
Not sure its different but i put 6.5 in my 2000 by modifying a second set of the speaker enclosures from ebay. Used a 6.5 inch adaptor for a mitshibushi cut out out the hole large enough to fit in the adaptor then used hot glue and fiberglass kit to mount the rings to the modified nokia speaker box. Not hard time consuming. But if your csr doesnt have grills i think it requires door cards. There is a good you tube video in french but guy has the whole process.
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