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Originally Posted by vijen6
Just finished an "Ebay" transaction. Found the car on Ebay but dealed outside through, the ebay recommended company. Overall, my experience was very positive, although the cost for's services $400 was a bit high, they do perform an inspection and transfer title. The mechanic they sent out for me was a ex porsche mechanic (coincidence?), and did a great job on the inspection, although I am sure its not a PPI.

So dont be so quick to knock eBay purchases. Its ussually their finanacial arm PayPal thats out to screw people. Just dont go through paypal and you should be fine.

Very interesting. So have you received the car and was it everything advertised? Also, who was the seller of the car? How much feedback...etc? I was about to give up on eBay but am re-thinking it now.

Forgive my ignorance, but why did you go through If I were to buy from a dealer via eBay my plan was to have my finance company send the money to the seller and not deal with it at all. Is this the wrong way to go about it?
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