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Originally Posted by brainles71 View Post
Apologies for getting my terminology incorrect I'm still learning. Let me rephrase my questions.

When using a system such as the accusump and an LN bearing do you simply have to forgo the oil pressure feed?

For those who track their car regularly are you simply replacing the bearing every X number of km/miles/track hours.
A boxsterís standard oil feed does not deliver oil to the IMS bearing, an accusump and a dry sump also do not deliver oil to the IMS. The problem is oil ends up getting into the intermediate shaft and then the IMS anyways, almost all Boxster have oil in their IMS bearings. If your car happens to be supplying enough oil to the bearing through the intermediate shaft you may not have a failure. If just enough oil gets in the grease in the bearing will be washed oil and the bearing will fail. The type of oil system you have (dry sump, accusump, stock) has no impact on this process. The IMS direct oil feed works with any oil system and adds an oil line to provide enough oil to keep the bearing lubricated, this replaces the grease in the bearing. As to your when to replace question. If you have a direct oil feed thereís no need to replace it. If you have any other IMS bearing in place it should be replaced whenever you do your clutch. Iíve replaced mine three times. All improved bearings. All of the seals had failed.
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