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Ok so I am not sure what to do anymore.

I have now replaced EVERYTHING in the driver's side door. Regulator, micro switch on door handle, and the door latch. I have removed the the plug between the body and the car. There is no corrosion, it is nice and clean.

I am now left with three options.

1) replace the door harness
2) replace the immobilizer (pics of it above it is clean, no water damage)
3) sell the car and never look back.

Oh the other day for a brief moment.... everything worked like it was supposed to!

It has picked up a new issue also.

here it is step by step
1) roll down window to get out of the car
2) shut door, use key to roll the window up, arm, and lock car
3) walk away
4) about a minute later the DAMN WINDOW ROLLS DOWN ON ITS OWN!
5) run back to car roll the window back up with the key in the door
6) window stays put

Maybe I need a priest and some holy water.....
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