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I've been daily driving mine (2000 Boxster S) for about 2 years with some autocross and track use mixed in for good measure. I drive it pretty hard, but besides standard maintenance items (oil, filters, and spark plugs) I've only really had a couple problems:

- Had to replace the washer fluid tank seals (~1 hour DIY fix)
- Had my B&M short shifter snap on me when downshifting (~1-2 hour DIY fix)
- Fans for the exhaust/emissions occasionally don't kick on when starting the car (triggers CEL, only happens about once every couple months)

I've driven around 50,000 miles in that timeframe, so I've definitely been pleasantly surprised in that respect with the maintenance requirements. My car is a tire shredder though, but that could just be me. My rears are usually down to the wear bars in ~10,000 miles, so thank goodness for the Michelin treadwear warranties that I've thoroughly utilized.
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