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Originally Posted by denverpete
I think Randall stated it best, "If you cannot drive it personally and take it to a dealership or certified Porsche technician for a pre purchase inspection (PPI), don't buy it." That pretty much precludes Ebay unless it's local in which case it's probably for sale in the classifieds anyway.

There is a world of difference between what someone on Ebay considers perfect and what most Porsche owners consider perfect. I saw a really nice '99 C4 online. Looked great and advertised as great. When I saw it and drove it in person I couldn't believe the condition of the paint - to me it was horrible with tons of swirls visible. To me that killed the deal - particularly since my Boxster is a '99, has no swirls, no scuffs, no dings, and I named all 4 rock chips.

Don't even get me started on the whole Hurricane Katrina thing with totaled cars being sold with faked VINs....

Yeah, those are good points. I'm convinced... no eBay for me. I'll check local dealers. If I were out $100 for a cellphone on eBay I'd be annoyed. If I were out $31k for a Porsche I'd be livid. For what I'm about to buy it's better to be safe.
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