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I prefer oem as well. Searching here will yield a wealth of information that may be overwhelming. The gist, however, is :

I am pretty sure that the CDR23 is a MOST (fiber optic) setup, which would be something of a PIA to integrate to your car, requiring expensive adaptors, or else new cabling and a new amplifier.
To keep it both OEM Porsche and plug n play, look for a Porsche radio from 1997-2002 model yr. I would suggest a CDR-220. Then if you later decide you need bluetooth or whatever, there are aftermarket modules you can purchase to add that functionality.

Or if you just don't like your head unit and don't mind aftermarket, Kenwood and Continental seem the most popular choices. Beware the path of chasing audio perfection in a 1998 convertible sports car, as it is beyond the design mandate for such a car and is a slippery slope with diminishing returns (both financially and aurally).

Make sure the PO did not cut off your oem harness connectors in the install, or if they did, factor in the extra hassle of replacing them. BOL.
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