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Originally Posted by tzincp View Post
Hello all,
This is my first post- I am looking at buying a 986 as stated in the title, there are a couple of areas of concern that I have questions about:

I have my eyes set on a 2001 S model. This particular car has the litronic headlights with the "pop up" headlight and windshield washers, these do not work on both sides.
I have been looking for the part online, and the Porsche OEM part seems to be $200 per side. (from pelican parts)
Is there another way to do this? I see that this is a bosh part, is it possible to order directly from bosh without the Porsche tax?
After about an hour of googling I was unable to find a Bosch part number?

Another question: in this car on the passenger's side seat controls, the plastic piece that is used to control the lower seat's position has fallen off at some point.
The electrical switches underneath are still intact and functioning.
Is there a way to fix this without replacing the whole switch panel for $100 on ebay. (this car is equipped with the 8 way power seats)

Finally: The maintenance records indicate that the IMS flange was replaced, but the bearing is not mentioned at all.
As in: the IMS flange is charged for as a part used but the bearing is not charged for or mentioned anywhere.
What do you make of this little curiosity?

Thanks for the help, I hope to come out of the shadows and join the community soon
Porsche changed out the IMS flange when they started to leak while still under warranty. They did not change the bearing as their position at the time was that you could not do that without taking the engine apart, something they now agree is possible since the aftermarket has changed out more than 25,000 of them.
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