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My race partner added the mesh and flaps to the rear end of the boxster. I'm not a fan of it but will leave it until I come across a rear bumper cover that has some slight damage. Good bumper covers get sold around here.

He also added a kill switch, a four point harness, removable steering wheel and blocked in the radiator with sheet aluminum.

I bolted some outer lens covers to the fenders to complete the front end makeover

Yesterday was the first time racing for the new and improved rally boxster. My race partner couldn't make it as he was down in Mexico visiting family. It was up to me to see if the improvements helped. Really the biggest improvement was adding wider Hoosier rain tires. They definitely helped as the car was pushing like crazy on the first run. I could barely get the rear end to kick out at all. I lowered the front air pressure down to 30 with the rears at 40 and took 5 seconds off for my second run. I left the air pressure at that level for the rest of the day. The car still pushes a little. I probably should have played with front pressure more but really my biggest problem is my driving skill. It was only my second time ever racing in any kind of event. I have a lot more to learn. That being said, on run 3-5 I was second overall out of 12. I was ecstatic to be in second and on the last run I played it safe. I didn't want to hit any cones and get penalized. I should have gone out there and not cared because the third place driver came back and grabbed second. I'm still happy to grab third overall.

The only problem with the new set up was the rear left tire was digging into the wheel well under deep compression. We added the fender flares but forgot to trim back the original wheel opening. Time for the plasma cutter

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